Despite the age of growing digital communications and marketing, flyers and flyer distribution remain a very viable option for distributing your marketing message to your target market. Anecdotally, the number of advertisers using this channel seems to be growing.

Find and Engage with Your Target Audience

Flyer distributions allow precision targeting of your target audience by using postcode, age, income and other demographic data. This allows you to target households by their typical inhabitants and potential income brackets. Television and radio advertising are often a prohibitively expensive means of marketing and often only reach a small percentile of your ideal audience.

Flyer Distribution is Cost Effective and Timely

As opposed to creating digital or website assets – flyer distribution is a much simpler process. With increasingly cheap yet high quality printing, creating your own flyers is not a significant investment financially or timewise. Once the initial format and branding is created, flyer designs can be tweaked with different messages over further campaigns. Speed of turnaround is also key and realistically you can get your first campaign up and running within a few days.

Engagement Levels

Flyer advertising provides a means for high engagement with your audience. We are overloaded by messages daily and a flyer has the added x-factor of being a tactile means of communicating. A well-designed flyer with compelling messages will register with your audience who are used to changing the channel or clicking off an advert when they receive marketing messages. In contrast, there is a high possibility that the flyer will remain within the house or business you are reaching out to or be read fully prior to disposal. Where the offer has the necessary appeal to engage with your audience, there is the potential for extended engagement through sharing.

Flyer ROI is Measurable

The effectiveness of flyers can easily be measured by adding a promotional code or unique telephone number/email etc onto each flyer drop. You can therefore track how well each campaign does and if you have a digital presence it is also easy to link delivery dates to the potential spike in direct traffic. You can also split test different flyer designs and flyer delivery channels to work out your best strategy.

Flyers Can Easily Change and Evolve

Flyers are highly versatile – easy to redesign and re-run print cycles. This, combined with the easy ability to measure return on investment, allows you to be able to refine, hone and continue to improve your campaigns for maximum effectiveness. This again contrasts to digital, radio or television advertising which often requires significant technical input, scripts to be rewritten and additional recording time.

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