I don’t fish anymore…I used to. However, as with fishing, in Marketing, you are out to CATCH something – in this case, a person’s interest in your product or service. Different people like different “bait” – but rest assured you have to be able to hook them in…you can use:

  • Fear – “If you don’t do this then…!”
  • Curiosity- People are naturally curious creatures “What if I told you that…”
  • Pssst – secrets, people love secrets “What if you are the only people who knew…”
  • Wow words – superlatives “Biggest, best, quickest, highest” appeal to peoples aspirations
  • Numbers – people like “the 7 minute workout”, “the Top 5 tips”
  • New and unique – “Never before has….”

Hook them in with an honest and genuine message….

Headline and picture courtesy of: https://www.gosocialexperts.com/marketing/advertising-hook-need/