Help us win for you!

Ok, so you have decided to undertake a Direct Mail campaign, Admail has worked with you to identify “where your customer lives” and the flyers are ready. If we haven’t organised the printing for you, there are a few key things that you need to get right! These are:

1 – you need to BUNDLE your flyers into even bundles of 100 or 200; please note, NOT a mix of both – pick one or the other ie 100s or 200s;

2 – ensure each bundle is SECURED with a printer-generated strap or with rubber bands. If they are not secure, bundling can break in transit;

3 – Box the flyers ensuring that the box or boxes weight NO MORE than 12 kgs per box. We have to respect the weight that members of the supply chain can safely lift; any more than 12 KG and your flyers might need repacking which will incur costs;

4 – Most of the time we will inform you as to the drop off address; this may or may not involve us sending you a shipping label or PALLET TAG. If we have sent you one, please print out the TAG and stick a copy on EVERY BOX;

5 – Drop the boxes at the address on the TAG;

6 – On receipt, we will check the flyers and confirm that the quantity etc is correct.


That’s it!