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Cleaning up your customer data – A client case study.

Let’s call the client Basil. Basil has over 5000 of his own client records drawn from his CRM; he uses this to keep track of his own marketing, sales lifecycle, quoting, etc.

Basil’s Problem

Basil was looking to do an addressed mailout and Admail was working with him on this. NZ Post has very rigid data format requirements and Basil’s data was very untidy.


Admail “cleaned” his data and conformed it to NZ Post’s requirements. Basil was able to re-upload the cleaned “golden source” data into his system allowing him to be much more confident as to its accuracy and completeness.

Financial Benefit

Basil sent out a personalised printed letter, inserted it into envelopes, and addressed it to each of his clients; Admail handled the work and Basil ended up benefitting from bulk NZ Post rates making the mailout very cost-effective.


Aside from looking good, high-quality, cleansed data has real economic value to Basil. As an add-on, although Admail didn’t do it in this case, we could have gone on to validate Basil’s data against up-to-date social media platforms to update employers, etc of his contacts. This would have ensured his data was up to date, as well as being great to look at!.