Convert all of your hot leads, warm the cold ones


Where is your customer in the purchasing journey with you or any of your competitors? Ask yourself some of these questions when you consider any form of marketing – direct mail is no different!

1. Do I know who my customers are or could be?
2. Have they ever heard of my business or a competitor’s business ie do they know the industry I am in? 
3. If they are knowledgeable about my industry, are they motivated to buy or just to learn more about my brand and products?

Depending on how much your customer knows and how ready they are to purchase, should dictate how you go about marketing to them. For example:

  • Cold leads are people who have no real knowledge of you or your products or don’t really have an interest in changing the status quo;
  • Warm leads are those who perhaps follow your social posts or newsletter, have previously visited your website etc
  • Hot or qualified leads are close to purchasing if not from you from someone else.

How you craft a direct mail message to the above customers will vary from (say) generic industry messaging for cooler prospects, to a much more targeted message with (say) a specific call to action discount coupon etc for hot prospects. If you don’t put this thought in upfront, you can waste a lot of time, energy and money marketing the incorrect message to the wrong customer segment.

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