So, you have decided to take the plunge and try marketing the “old school” way via flyers or catalogues. “What now?” you say. Well, getting your message across clearly and with impact is the key attribute of any effective flyer advertising campaign. Here we have outlined a few tips to remember when designing your flyer. Make no error, we have seen literally thousands of flyers and whilst the subtleties that make something great are harder to define, it is a lot easier to say “please, don’t ever do that!”.

Key Message  – first of all, know what it is!

So many flyers waffle; they don’t have a punchy key message – know what your ‘elevator pitch’ is and use it. Why would someone want to buy your product or use your service? This is the most important piece of any communication. What is the consumers’ “pain point” ie the problem that you are solving for them.

Attention – GRAB IT!

Get the reader’s attention. Your flyer has to stand out from the crowd and make people read it. Use COLOUR, FONT, texture etc along with a very eye-catching headline and Call-to-Action to drag your target customer’s eyes onto your flyer. You have about 2-3 seconds to get their attention – use it wisely.

Be topical

Try and wrap current themes or market trends into your design – make it up to date with current market desires and demands.


Does your design reflect the “mood” of your business or product? If you are advertising spa or health products, does the flyer portray the health, wellness and sense of relaxation you will feel when you use the product or buy the service.

It must be readable

Please use highly readable typefaces for the text. This way prospective customers will easily be able to understand your offering – the words will draw them in. ALWAYS take into account the ability to print what you have designed – ensure that fonts, colours etc will look the same post production without a great deal of reworking and expensive colour palettes.


Give your customers a great Call-to-Action and limit the amount of time it is open for – get them to act on their immediate desire to reach out. Further enhance this with “scarcity’ – you are only offering (for example) 100 of these offers – they won’t want to miss out.

Size and Shape

Chat to your distribution company and work out what is the most eye-catching size to design and print; for example A6 might be too small if you are using a bulk letterbox service.

Testimonials and proof

Providing evidence of the quality of your work is a great way to show people that you are genuine and your products and services are too; provide customer testimonials or 30 day money-back guarantees or scientific proof of your offer.

If you are looking for some eye catching examples of flyers that can work; chat to your friendly Print and Distribution team at Admail or your designer today. In addition, there are hundreds of great examples on the internet: See these for some inspiration: