How many business cards do you have in your drawer?

I have a lot of business cards gathering dust in my desk; make no error, I have had the details recorded in my CRM and contacts by my trusty Virtual Assistant, however, the physical card remains.

Unless I make a point of jotting down notes on the back of the card or adding them to the client’s contact information, I often don’t recall EXACTLY why I met with the individual concerned. If this is happening to me, it is CERTAINLY happening to the people I meet with ie they sit scratching their heads going “who is this guy Phil from Admail”?

So, what I have started to do to make my business more memorable is to generate a “benefits card”. I intend for this to be no bigger than A6 and a summary of how Admail can help solve problems for anyone I meet; I will also have one for My benefits card might say:

Phil McDonald from Admail can help you:

  • Identify your target market for advertising or outreach
  • Access your target market through email or addressed and unaddressed physical mail outs
  • Create marketing materials that give you and your business the desired impression
  • Print any hardcopy material you require
  • Manage all your CRM or other data
  • and much more….

How do you think this would work for you and your business?

Admail can assist with your marketing ideas and execution and MUCH more. Get in touch today to see how we can help.