What can be done under various levels of lockdown

OK we are back where we were last year! 

Printing and some distribution work is Level 4 compliant eg addressed distribution. This continues throughout.

Unaddressed household letterboxes can resume under Level 3 – and so is open again for areas outside of Auckland. A very large number of people will still be working from home under Level 3, so the honest letterbox at home will again become an extremely powerful marketing channel as people experience “digital fatigue”.

Business-to-business flyer/catalogue distribution on an unaddressed basis is realistically a Level 2 undertaking given targets in retail, hospitality and many others will not be open as normal until that level is reached.

If you have any data requirements eg database building or similar, please contact us as we have a very large database that can be leveraged for mailout and sales calls.

I appreciate that there is a lot of stress and concern around particularly in the business community so the best we can hope for is continued compliance to the lockdown levels so we can get through this phase as quickly as possible. Fingers crossed.