Distributing your marketing message doesn’t have to be hard (although it often feels that way).

We’ll help you get the word out about your business without you breaking a sweat!

We’re nimble and flexible and can print and deliver your flyer, leaflet or magazine where you want, when you want and how you want.



Whether national or local, targeted and affordable flyer printing, leaflet and magazine distribution/delivery to letterboxes and into businesses is one of the most effective advertising media available; in contrast to email, text and other advertising, people still only have one letterbox!

Apartment Delivery

Deliver your marketing message into thousands of CBD apartments, controlled exclusively by us and serviced twice weekly.

Residential Delivery

Let us generate and distribute to a national or local delivery route of urban residences that best serves your marketing needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Business Delivery

Wanting to undertake B2B marketing? We pride ourselves on being best-of-breed in the delivery of magazines, newspapers and other marketing material to businesses.

Cafe Delivery

Through our strong relationships with cafe, restaurant and fast food proprietors, we can deliver your marketing material into the hands of their customers.

Commercial Delivery

If you need flyers hand-delivered to thousands of commercial sites, we can assist with bespoke distribution routes to reach your key customers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Addressed Mail

Planning a delivery of bulk addressed mail? We can co-ordinate the provision of SOE certificates for you, and organise the print, packaging and lodgement of bulk posting at the NZ Post.


Whether its flyer or magazine distribution or mail delivery, you need to be sure that your message is getting where you want, when you want. Our skills will help ensure your marketing plan is reach effective, cost effective and timely.


You need a delivery solution to get your message into the hands of your customer? We can work with you to create the most effective distribution at a price that meets your budget.


We’re small and agile. You are important to us, so regardless of the size of your job, we will answer your questions quickly and fully.


Get your message out when you want. You won’t miss a promotional opportunity with us.

Cafe Delivery

Allow us to customise your distribution plan according to your customer demographics and marketing strategy.


We don’t just deliver advertising. We work with you to provide the best advice on how to achieve your marketing message.


Admail provides delivery solutions to get your brand into the hands of your target market. Whether you are a small or large business; you need a direct mail and media distribution company that delivers your brand with integrity so you can focus on sales conversion.

Admail has been providing flyer, magazine and leaflet delivery and distribution solutions to satisfied customers for well over a decade; we stand for accountability and customer service; acting with integrity at all times with an eye on raising the bar within the industry.

We are passionate about doing things right the first time; call us or sign up today and start experiencing distribution the Admail way.

“Admail provides a high integrity service; they proved to be very responsive and knowledgeable about the Auckland market. We will use them again.”



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